All Natural Farm Beef…. It’s What’s for Dinner!

At Lone Star Farm, our goal is to provide our customers with quality beef that is healthy and tasty, direct from the farm. We are currently offering all-natural, dry-aged beef.

Our All Natural beef is processed and cut at Smucker’s Meats, a USDA inspected facility. It is dry-aged to perfection, vacuum-packed and flash frozen to ensure that the wholesome taste is preserved for your enjoyment. You can always find lower priced beef at your local discount store but who knows where it came from, what the animal was fed or how long it took from the time it was processed until it reached your grill. Try some of our quality, all-natural beef and taste the difference!

Why dry-aged beef tastes better

If you’ve had the good fortune of tasting dry-aged beef, then you know that it has a remarkable depth of flavor. All fresh beef is aged for at least a few days and up to several weeks to allow enzymes naturally present in the meat to break down the muscle tissue, resulting in improved texture and flavor. These days, most beef is aged in plastic shrink-wrap—a process known as wet-aging. Dry-aged beef, on the other hand, is exposed to air so dehydration can further concentrate the meat’s flavor. It’s a more expensive process than wet-aging, however, because the meat loses weight from dehydration, and it also must be trimmed of its completely dried exterior.

What is All-Natural?

Our animals are pasture raised and finished on a vegetarian diet. We do not feed any animal by-products. We do not use any injected or implanted growth hormones or steroids and avoid the use of antibiotics as much as possible. In the rare case that we do use them, the animal is removed from our all-natural program. We work hard to keep our animals healthy and believe that meat from a healthy animal means a better steak dinner for you! Place your order today and discover for yourself the taste of quality.

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