Freezer Beef (1/4 Beef)

Our All Natural Beef is cut and processed to your specifications at Smucker’s Meats, a USDA inspected facility. It is dry-aged to perfection, vacuum-packed and flash frozen to insure that the wholesome taste is preserved for your enjoyment. Try some of our quality meat and taste the difference!

Buying All Natural Beef in quarters is a process that not everybody is familiar with but is a fairly simple method of buying a wide variety of cuts including the top of the line steaks and roasts. Our quarter beef is a combination of the front and the hind quarters to ensure that all 4 quarters are equal. Pricing is based on the dressed weight, which will vary according to the size of the animal. On average, a dressed quarter will weigh about 200 lbs. Final yield will vary according to your specific cutting instructions, but you can typically expect about 110 - 120 lbs. of meat per 200 lb. quarter. All our beef is dry aged for 14-21 days unless specified otherwise.

After your order is placed, you will be notified when the butcher is ready for the cutting instructions. Included in the price is the cutting and vacuum packaging. All further processing will be an additional cost per pound (ex. patties, chipsteak, beef stix etc.)

Pricing Example: Hanging weight (dressed) 200 lbs. x 3.49 = $698.